Ubisoft Says It’s Investigating Issues With The Wrong Version Of Far Cry 6 Appearing On PlayStation Store

We’re repeating this dance, aren’t we? On PlayStation 4, players are having difficulties creating a new game file and keeping the same save file.

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Some wondered if PlayStation Plus memberships’ cloud save function might suffice. It will not. A save made on a PS4 version of the game will only work with the PS4 version, regardless of the console you’re moving to. You’ll have to go through the in-game process to make it work with the next-gen version.

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Both the PS4 and PS5 versions of Far Cry 6 need to be installed.

Yes, the same routine applies to all platforms. However, keep in mind that if you’re not moving between the same ‘family’ (e.g., from PS4 to XBox Series X rather than from PS4 to PS5), some of your assets will not be carried over.

It’s also not available everywhere yet. Some players who bought physical copies of Far Cry 6 in the United Kingdom have been locked to the PS4 version, according to Eurogamer. It appears that it is due to a mistake that sent Russian discs to UK customers instead of U.K.-based ones, preventing free next-gen upgrade ability.

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