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Twitter discontinues Toolbox and additional projects in response to growing concerns from third-party developers

In the past, Twitter’s relationship with outside developers has been tense. However, in recent years, the corporation has made an effort to placate the developer community with initiatives such as a new API release and the ‘Twitter Toolbox’ collection, which features some of the projects.

However, under Elon Musk’s administration, several of these applications are closing down – starting with Twitter Toolbox. Twitter to developers earlier this week informing them that the Toolbox programme will be discontinued as of the next week.

“Thank you for being part of the Twitter Toolbox pilot programme. With great regret, we must inform you that as of December15,2022, Twitter Toolbox will no longer be available.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a new initiative that allows for the targeted promotion of select mobile applications within users’ timelines at optimal times. Tools for security, such as Blockparty and Bodyguard, and tools for measurement and analytics, such as s ilo,, Direcon Inc., Followerwonk, and Tweepsmap, were also included.

Twitter’s then-head of Product for its developer platform, who stated that Twitter was considering creating an app store for third-party applications.

Twitter tiles pilot shutdown

In August, Twitter launched a test for ’tiles,’ the updated version of Twitter cards, which would allow publishers and developers to attach individualised layouts to tweets. Just like Twitter cards, the aim was to have a URL submitted instantly produce a format such as an image, text, video, or button.

The corporation is putting a hold on that endeavour, too. An internal communication from Twitter suggested to a developer that the company may look into the idea again in 2019.

We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s prudent to halt further exploration of Tweet Tiles at this time, therefore we’re ending the pilot programme. We’re certain that this product idea will be useful to you and other developers. In an email, the corporation indicated that it will keep the project in mind as it plans for 2023, and that it may even return to it in the following year.

Twitter’s Insider Program for Developers

Twitter’s Developer Insider programme was launched a year ago to enable the company to receive first-hand input on its APIs and other developer tools. Although participation in the initiative has not been officially discontinued, participants have not heard from Twitter in quite some time.

Among the various tasks completed by programme participants, developer Terence Eden says, was the tagging of helpful bots and the testing of chat APIs. He mentioned that in order to provide developers greater access to particular portions of Twitter, the development team was working on enhancing the search and increasing OAuth scopes.

Developers Eden and Somraj Saha said that once Musk took control, participation in the Developer Insider Slack group dropped as programme managers started to depart the firm. According to Saha, the team last heard from the Twitter team around the third week of November. Without an official statement from Twitter, it may be assumed that the programme in its current form has been discontinued.

How APIs and Developer Interactions Will Evolve in the Future

Twitter’s Chirp conference, which had been planned for over a decade, was cancelled days after Musk took control.

Since then, developers have had very little communication with the Twitter team. Support for Twitter’s rivals LinkedIn and Mastodon is already being added to several third-party products. As Mastodon grows in popularity, developers of third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Aviary are creating applications for it.

The Ev Williams-backed Twitter thread-creating tool Typefully informed it intends to add LinkedIn integration. The firm now released an AI-powered bot that provides feedback on your discussions to help you improve them. It also has plans to upgrade the bot so that it can more effectively update its LinkedIn page.

Another scheduler, Chirr App, has lately stated its intention to maintain Twitter compatibility and even expand upon it. But it is open to providing links to new platforms and it’s currently working on a Mastodon integration. Bodyguard, a content moderation service, claimed that they are seeking to introduce interfaces to TikTok and Discord shortly. Charles Cohen, the company’s co-founder, that it’s considering pulling back Twitter-related projects.