Twitch viewing is rising when broadcasters engage in one-armed bandit mayhem

StreamElements has issued its May monthly report, which provides an overview of the streaming landscape at the preceding month’s conclusion. Twitch and Facebook Gaming both saw a modest increase in viewing counts, according to the studies. The year’s patterns are also being disrupted by new streamers and new stream genres., an analytics partner of StreamElements, provided the data for this study. Since the beginning of the year, both Twitch and Facebook Gaming have witnessed a decrease in audience statistics. However, this month both observed a tiny gain. 1.808 billion hours were seen on Twitch in April, an increase of 335 million from the previous month. Facebook Gaming also saw an increase of 335 million hours.

StreamElements’ CBO, Jason Krebs, stated in a statement that “when the globe opened back up, the hours viewed of livestreamed content have fallen.” This year’s viewership has maintained above its pre-pandemic peak, establishing the medium as a crucial tool for businesses trying to engage with younger people. Viewership has recently picked up, and this may be the beginning of a new trend.

Slots have seen an increase in popularity this month, as seen by statistics on streaming categories. Twitch’s Rainmaker claims that slot machine viewing has “become a significant meme on Twitch,” putting one-armed bandits among Twitch’s top 10. Call of Duty: Warzone takes 9th position, narrowly ahead of this title. This is a bummer, as they are virtual slots games rather than genuine slot machines.