TSMC to produce 3mn chips ahead of Apple’s M3

According to a new report from Taiwanese trade publication Digitimes, TSMC is expected to begin commercial production of its 3nm process chips in the fourth quarter of 2022.

In 2023, Apple is expected to release its M3 and A17 chips, which will be used in Macs and iPhones. These new processors, which will be utilized in Macs and smartphones, will offer higher performance capabilities as well as enhanced battery life.

It’s claimed that the M3 will have up to four dies on its CPU, with a maximum of 40 cores. The M1 has eight cores, the M1 Pro and M1 Max each have 10 cores, and the new model is expected to include up to four dies.

The 3M market is changing dramatically.

The market appears to be shifting a lot, with firms updating their manufacturing partnerships. Apple is already moving away from Intel and working exclusively with TSMC to make bespoke chips, starting with the M1 chip in October 2020. AMD and Qualcomm both rely on TSMC for many of their products, but they are also looking for alternatives.

TSMC could be getting AMD’s first 3nm chips instead of Samsung, and Qualcomm has also been looking at Samsung. It appears that Apple’s relationship with TSMC has caused some feathers to be ruffled, which is why other firms are seeking alternate suppliers.

Meanwhile, Intel has struggled to keep up with Asian competitors such as TSMC and Samsung in terms of manufacturing its own chips. Its issues date back a long time before the launch of its most recent 10nm production process, which it will use in its future 3nm processors, requiring it to rely on that of its rivals for its future 3nm chips.