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Today, your Instagram inbox likely looks different

If you’ve just signed onto Instagram and found yourself perplexed by the new look of your inbox, the change is the result of a recent upgrade. On Tuesday, Instagram introduced a note-sharing function that works much like posting a photo to your story, letting you communicate with others using text and emoji.

There is now a banner at the top of your DM inbox page showcasing user profiles and the content of the messages they have exchanged with you. Simply select your image, include your message, and submit to add your own touch.

The Note function follows the same paradigm as the story sharing function, with the messages only being on your profile for 24 hours and being limited to 60 characters in length.

Users may quickly respond to one another’s Notes with a click and an emoji or message. They will find the messages in the direct messages (DMs) of their respective recipients.

Instagram says this new function will “provide individuals a casual and spontaneous method to express themselves and interact with one other” by facilitating quick and simple conversation starters.

It’s another move in the direction of making Instagram more than just a photo-sharing app.

Also, similar to BeReal, Instagram is experimenting with a more raw tales section. Users who are also taking part in candid tales will be able to see what you’re up to right now by using this function. In the same vein as BeReal, this function will include daily reminder notifications.

Finally, the app is experimenting with group sharing functions including group profiles (similar to Facebook Groups) and collaborative collections (where users may construct post collections that are shared with others).