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To help put an end to the chaos in the supply chain, Amazon has launched AWS Supply Chain

It’s been many years since we last saw supply chain disruptions on this scale. The epidemic caused a chain reaction of problems that eventually led to a catastrophic breakdown in the supply system.

Amazon revealed a new supply chain solution at AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas today, putting AWS technology to work on the issue.

In today’s lecture, Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services, addressed issues in the supply chain. From infant formula shortages to ships circling ports unable to unload, interruptions over the last several years have shown how crucial supply chain resilience is. It is crucial to fix inventory-related supply chain difficulties, he said.

They hope to leverage their expertise in this area with a new product called AWS Supply Chain.

Today, I am excited to share with you the preview of AWS Supply Chain, a new cloud application that increases supply chain visibility and provides actionable insights to help businesses reduce the costs and risks associated with managing their supply chains. In order to respond rapidly to unforeseen problems, Selipsky explains, you may use AWS Supply Chain’s single view of your supply chain data, ML-powered insights, suggested actions, and built-in collaboration features.

According to Selipsky, the solution is made to simplify the process of handling such information. “To begin, you may quickly and easily integrate your supply chain data from SAP, EDI, or other systems, such as WMS or OMS, with only a few clicks. Then, AWS Supply Chain automatically creates a data lake with the use of pre-trained machine learning (ML) models that can interpret, extract, and convert incompatible data into a single, consistent data model.

Supply chain information may be seen on a map, with the ability to hone in on specific areas to determine stock levels and pinpoint the source of any problems. This information can be shared with other supply chain managers in your business.

He assured, as is typical with AWS announcements, that this is only the beginning: “AWS supply chain helps you manage risk and save cost by offering you a unified supply chain and surface the best actionable insights all with a single price and no upfront licence costs.”