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Tipster Hints at Apple Possibly Designing a Custom ARM-Based Chip With 64 Cores

Apple successfully demonstrated to the industry that its 5nm M1 chip means business when running in Macs’ latest family. The technology giant isn’t expected to stop here because we should expect some high core count chipsets to arrive in the coming years. One tipster hints that Apple might be working on a 64-core part, but, likely, we won’t be seeing it in any portable Mac model of the future.

Previous Developments Were Said to Be Focused on a 32-Core Chipset for Apple’s Workstation Lineup

Whatever LeaksApplePro’s intentions are with the cryptic tweet below, it can mean Apple is working on something bigger to really drive computing performance to the next plateau. Right now, we have the 8-core M1 chip, but in the future, we should expect the number of cores to increase drastically. According to a previous report, Apple was said to be developing a 32-core part, possibly for its future Mac Pro, along with a custom GPU solution to cut off dependency from AMD’s graphics solutions.

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The Mac Pro that’s said to be in development will be roughly half the size of the current workstation. Given that Apple is expected to improve its custom silicon’s efficiency, future machines may not require such sophisticated levels of cooling. However, the future of computing will mean we could see Apple release a 64-core silicon in the future, but when can we expect it? Unfortunately, the cryptic nature of the tweet means LeaksApplePro didn’t provide copious details, but he does say he’ll ‘tell you soon,’ so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for more updates.

The new 64-core Apple Silicon may be provided alongside the new 32-core Mac Pro, with the company stamping a premium for the more powerful product. Then again, looking at the capabilities of the M1, a 32-core-fueled Mac Pro should be more than sufficient to handle anything in its path, so it’s not clear who the 64-core model will be targeted to, assuming Apple is actually working on something like this.

Even if it is, there’s no way of knowing that right now, so we recommend our readers to treat all this information with a pinch of salt for now, and like always, we’ll be back with more updates. You can also check out the Mac Pro concept below if you like.

News Source: LeaksApplePro