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TikTok starts making it possible for creators to limit viewers of their videos to adults

According to a recent announcement from the company, producers will soon be able to choose a mature-only rating for their films on TikTok. Adult-only audience settings were previously limited to TikTok Live. Currently, the function is only available in the longer form movies, but the firm is working to expand it to its shorter videos as well.

TikTok said in a blog post that it has begun rolling out its audience controls tool to makers of short-form video and plans to roll out the service internationally over the coming weeks. “Just so we’re clear, our policies still fully apply to authors who utilise this functionality, and we’ll remove material that displays nudity or otherwise violates our Community Guidelines.”

The 18+ restriction setting for videos is not an option for artists to broadcast adult content, just as adult-only livestreams on TikTok are still subject to the app’s restrictions. Instead, the option is seen by TikTok as a tool for producers to shield children from material that is inappropriate for their age or simply not appealing to them. When TikTok first introduced 18+ livestreams, the firm explained that the feature was intended to be utilised by producers who wanted to broadcast comedic material that was more appropriate for an older audience. Or the designers may wish to discuss a sensitive topic, such as a traumatic personal experience, and would feel more at ease if only adults were there.

TikTok has already stated that it planned to begin classifying which videos are suitable for older and younger teenagers as well as adults, so this extension of the audience controls option makes sense. TikTok has stated that it would begin asking producers to indicate when their video is more suitable for an adult audience, and that it is working on a method to identify and restrict access to specific sorts of content from teenagers. With the app’s new audience controls, we can now see this in action.

TikTok also announced the upcoming release of the latest version of their borderline suggestive model, which would automatically identify sexually explicit, suggestive, or borderline material. TikTok hopes to make the next edition of its suggestive content detection technology even more effective.

These updates are part of TikTok’s larger initiative to improve the app’s security for young users.

TikTok released Content Levels last year to filter out videos with more mature or complicated subjects intended for an adult audience. TikTok claims that, in the last 30 days alone, their efforts have blocked over a million underage accounts from seeing sexually explicit content.

Both government agencies and politicians, as well as concerned parents, have scrutinised TikTok for its impact on children and teenagers’ online safety. In one case from the last year, for instance, parents filed a lawsuit against TikTok after their children tragically perished while completing tasks they saw on the app.