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Through these apps, your Pixel will get support for spatial audio

The new Spatial Audio feature on the Pixel series is scheduled to launch in January, Google said yesterday. Through your earbuds or headphones, you may experience a “virtual” 5.1 surround sound effect.

In preparation for the debut of Spatial Audio early next year, Google has secretly published a support page listing the compatible apps.

The developer of the Pixel has confirmed that Google TV, HBO Max, Netflix, and YouTube will all be compatible with the new functionality. However, these services require 5.1 audio track support or above for all material.

Whatever the case may be, it appears that this list is shorter than Apple’s first roster of applications that provide Spatial Audio compatibility. Apple’s TV app, along with HBO Max, Netflix, Discovery Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu, Plex, Peacock, and Paramount Plus, are just some of the apps that are compatible with Apple’s use of the technology. However, it lacks Google TV and YouTube.

What more is there to know about spatial audio?

To be specific, the Pixel 6 flagship and the Pixel 7 pair will be the first to receive this update. One may access this feature by going to the system’s preferences and selecting the Spatial Audio option under the “Sound and Vibration” submenu.

Google also announced that Pixel Buds Pro owners with one of the aforementioned Pixel smartphones will have access to Spatial Audio with head tracking. This may be accessed under Connected Devices > Pixel Buds Pro > Settings > Head tracking with the most recent software.