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Though the Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU might appear soon, don’t set your expectations too high

If a newly surfaced regulatory file is any indication, Nvidia’s RTX 4070 might be arriving sooner than expected.

Regular hardware leaker @harukaze5719 tweeted about an EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) file from Inno3D for their RTX 4070 Ti and RTX 4070 graphics cards.

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In case you were wondering, Ask Technology Group Limited is the company behind Inno3D, and filings like this with the EEC typically surface just before a product’s release.

The RTX 4070 Ti, we expect to see announced at CES in a matter of weeks and available for purchase soon thereafter (January 5 in theory). The RTX 4070 GPU was also submitted to the EEC, which raises the question of whether or not we can expect to see it released soon after the RTX 4070 Ti. Some people are probably wondering that.

A ray of sunshine for the RTX 4070

There is a lot of evidence and leaking for that graphics card already, including freshly leaked photographs, so it’s apparent that the RTX 4070 Ti is coming soon. But what about the chance of the RTX 4070 arriving at the same time?

The fact is that the RTX 4070 hasn’t been the subject of nearly as much leaking, suggesting that it is unlikely to make an appearance at CES 2023. If that were the case, word on the street would have spread faster about the GPU.

Most probable, however there have been rumblings about the 4070, so you never know. (By the way, they believe the card may be significantly downsized in comparison to the 4070 Ti, at least in terms of its core count – but it may not be a good indicator of its real performance levels, as we examine in detail here.)

It’s thus not out of the question that the RTX 4070 might debut simultaneously with or shortly after the 4070 Ti. This regulatory filing contradicts prior speculations about the RTX 4070’s release date, which had suggested March. Could this mean that the GPU will finally launch in February, or maybe late January?

Therefore, it’s possible that NVIDIA’s RTX 4070 will launch sooner than expected, but you shouldn’t hold your breath for it to show up at CES 2023. The RTX 4070 Ti is widely speculated to debut at CES, though a formal announcement is still a long shot assuming Nvidia hasn’t already made it.