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This year, Indian scam call centres defrauded senior citizens in the US of over $10 billion in just 11 months

According to FBI statistics, victims of call centres operating scams have lost over $10 billion in the United States alone. Unwary customers are lured in by these call centres, which pose as startups or false customer care call centres, and offered tech support.

About $12 billion will be stolen from the elderly and other non-tech-aware individuals in the United States this year by Indian scam call centres. Statistics collected by the FBI reveal a 47% rise over the previous year.

The con artists have even tried their hands at romance-themed phishing schemes.

The FBI’s statistics indicated that out of the $10.2 billion stolen from American individuals, roughly $3 billion was taken via call centres posing as tech support through VoIP calls. The FBI has gathered this information during the first eleven months of the year and believes that by the conclusion of the calendar year, the total might reach $12 billion. The total rose by $4 billion, or47%, in comparison to the same period last year, whereas the same period last year only saw $6.9 billion in sales.

According to news accounts, the FBI has stationed a permanent representative at the US embassy in New Delhi to work closely with the CBI, Interpol, and the Delhi Police to dismantle these phishing rings and recover the wire transfers and digital currency payments that have been made to their Indian-based scam operations. The FBI has expressed concern that phishing gangs operating out of India are targeting elderly Americans in an effort to steal their retirement funds.

Most of these victims are older persons over the age of60, says Suhel Daud, legal attache of the US embassy in India. Daud says that even while it is not now a danger to India’s or the United States’ national security, it greatly harms our nation’s image. He said that the FBI is prepared to help local authorities with their investigation by supplying evidence to help them press charges against those who are responsible.