This year, Chrome OS will be receiving the greatest video editor from Apple, as well as a whole lot more

IO’s second day of activities featured a “What’s new in Chrome OS” presentation where it showcased off the system’s next innovations. However, with all the buzz around Google IO 2022’s keynote, you might be excused for missing those events.

Many of the forthcoming improvements are focused on improving interoperability across Chrome OS, applications, and devices. Be advised that none of what was displayed has a predetermined release date. That they would release it “soon” or at a later date this year was all that was revealed.

To begin with, Chrome OS has included a feature called Fast Pair, which will enable you to connect compatible earbuds and headphones to the operating system with just a single touch. There is an option on the earbuds’ Google account to monitor the battery life or to change the settings.

Chromebook users will soon be able to stream Android applications to their PCs over Bluetooth. It’s possible to use the app’s chat functionality in a new Chrome OS window. To make advantage of this function, your phone must be running Android 13 or above. By October of 2022, a new version of the platform is planned to be available.

For easier app discovery, the Chrome OS launcher will no longer take up the full screen. Its Search feature will also have additional sorting options.

The addition of an app discoverer is the last big change. In order to begin suggesting applications, the service employs machine learning to learn about your tastes and user behaviour. Even if the installation instructions aren’t available on Google Play, it’ll show you how to do it correctly using this guide.

On the way to Chrome OS, LumaFusion

Google announced, at the conclusion of the speech, that LumaFusion, a highly regarded video editing programme, would be coming to Chrome OS.

In addition to becoming TechRadar’s top editing software, LumaFusion has also been named iPad App of the Year for 2021. LumaFusion’s popularity stems from its ability to simplify otherwise difficult aspects.

Multiple 4K media files may be processed using LumaFusion’s effects, colour correction, and audio mixing capabilities. As an added bonus, this isn’t a recurring fee like Adobe’s Creative Cloud membership plan, which includes Adobe Premiere Pro.

No release date has been set for LumaFusion on Chrome OS, but we can’t wait to fall in love with the app on yet another device.