This retro toy combines the best of Tamagotchi and Polly Pocket


The new toy is like these Tamagotchis taken to the next level. 

Bandai America

Skyrocket, a tech-savvy toy company, reportedly unveiled the Pixel Stars Dreamhouse at Toy Fair 2020. The $30 gadget is a pocket-sized digital dollhouse that basically blends the concepts of ’90s toys Polly Pocket and Tamagotchi. In the Pixel Stars Dreamhouse, the dolls, their accessories and furniture are all digital. Skyrocket is reportedly planning to release the toy this fall. 

The palm-sized toy has a 1.3-inch screen, according to report from Engadget on Monday. You take care of your Pixel Star as she plays, eats, sleeps and achieves her dreams. The Pixel Star’s aspirations include being a celebrity chef, a fashionista, a social media influencer on PixelTube and more. As you follow your career, you can buy outfits and accessories and build onto the digital house with in-game currency. In addition, your Pixel Star can have friends and pets.

The Pixel Stars Dreamhouse toy has a minimal four buttons to play the mini-games.

The toy looks like a mini-Barbie Malibu beach house, with the front of the house sliding up and down to reveal the screen. The toy reportedly doesn’t connect to the internet, so it’s safer for children to play with. 

Skyrocket Toys didn’t immediately respond to request for comment. 

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