These are the best Google apps for your Android.

The Pixel 6 has a centralized settings page to manage all of your devices, applications, and Google Accounts.

The Security Hub now appears in the top section of the Android 12 Settings list on Pixel phones, replacing the ‘Security’ option. No issues were discovered; security can be improved (Green), security may be jeopardized (Yellow), or security is at risk (Red) are the four possible status messages displayed above.

On the pop-up menu, go to “Google Account” and then “My Accounts” at the top left corner. Select ‘Delete account’ from here to delete your Google account. You can also edit or remove any other accounts connected to this device through ‘Manage accounts’ in its drop-down menu.

The ‘Security Hub’ app was made available for Android 12 users through the Google Play Store at the start of last week.

We’re now seeing it deployed via a server-side upgrade to Google Pixel 5 (as seen above) and 5a. Other Android 12 devices we looked at, such as another 5 and 4a, did not have it.

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