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There is a fix, according to Nvidia, for Discord slowing down your GPU

Nvidia claims to have resolved a recently discovered problem in which having Discord running in the background slowed down the performance of some graphics cards. There will be no need to manually download a graphics driver or other software update because, as per a tweet from the company, the patch will download when you log into Windows.

The problem, which occurred on systems with graphics cards like the RTX 3080 and RTX 3060 Ti, appears to have been triggered by a recent update to Discord. It prevented graphics processing units from reaching their maximum memory clocks by about 200Mhz. Since Discord’s main purpose is to facilitate communication between players during online games, the fact that it caused a minor performance hit is less than ideal.

An updated application profile is the solution, according to Nvidia. While it was previously possible to manually apply it, doing so required downloading a profile manager, exporting, editing, and re-importing profiles, which is a lengthy and complicated process.