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It’s been less than a year since NBA Top Shot was an introduction for many sports fans to the realm of NFTs, and now the NFL has planned something similar.

In September, the NFL announced a collaboration with Dapper Labs, the firm that runs Top Shot, and today we know what service will distribute video highlight clips that become NFTs: it’s called NFL All Day.

This isn’t connected to the Ticketmaster-powered NFTs that the NFL is tying to select games this season (such as this year’s Thanksgiving game on national TV), but launching the brand now doesn’t appear to be a coincidence. Between these NFL promotions, as well as the Macy’s parade, there will be many blockchain and NFT discussions among family members on Thursday.

The Dapper Labs Flow blockchain will be used by NFL All Day in the same way as Top Shot, with trading and showcasing of moments taking place on the All Day platform.

Although the launch of NFL All Day isn’t scheduled yet, the website for its waitlist has been updated, promising fans that they’ll get to “experience the future of fandom” through digital video collectibles.

From what we can tell in a tweet thread, things will be quite comparable to NBA Top Shot. You can purchase randomized packs of Plays and Moments, with each one having a specific level of scarcity. They’re also pushing “Melts,” which combine multiple plays into a single Moment.

The enormous start in popularity of Top Shot suggests that there is a market for this among the hundreds of millions of NFL followers. However, it’s unclear what they’ll do with these collectibles once they get them or if the market will be able to sustain its popularity as it expands to accommodate more users who all anticipate discovering unique items in their collections.