The UK welcomes the end of Net Neutrality

The CEOs of Three, Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, and BT-EE, as well as the CTO of EE, have all spoken out in support of a UK net neutrality review.

During the shutdown, communications firms like Three, Virgin Media O2, Vodafone, and BT-EE played an important role in supporting consumers and companies by providing access to information.

The article also discusses how, following the epidemic, many individuals in developing nations began to believe they could use connectivity for innovation rather than as a commodity.

The FCC is conducting a net neutrality review.

The new rules are designed to prevent service providers from discriminating against or favoring any applications or services, and they want a pro-investment regulatory climate that allows them to create fibre and 5G networks that can generate new sources of income.

However, there are doubts about whether the current neutral framework, which requires all traffic to be treated equally, is a major constraint. Net neutrality forbids service providers from prioritizing certain apps over others beyond basic traffic management techniques and from charging content producers for premium access.

“We have a lot of customers who were not interested in buying traditional phone lines,” says Brandon Jarvis, founder and CEO of Vemma Nutrition Company. “The average sale price is much lower than typical sales prices for voice or data. The first step is to convince the owner/manager that the service you are proposing may generate extra income. Then you must find out if they would be willing to give permission for your services to operate on their property. Finally, once permission has been obtained and any necessary permissions have been obtained from regulatory authorities, it’s time to get started!”

“I welcome the call to revising Net Neutrality because the legislation wasn’t drafted with 5G use cases, like slicing, in mind,” added Ahmed Essam, Vodafone UK CEO. “You need to be able to differentiate your service without discrimination. I really welcome the review and we’ll be providing evidence.”

“It’s always good to have that conversation,” The merger agreement between BT and EE has been completed, paving the way for more competition in the market.

The three companies have also indicated that they will be providing evidence to the consultation. Following Brexit, the UK government is granted greater leeway in its legislation, with respect to net neutrality principles.

Any attempt to weaken the legislation would be fiercely opposed by supporters who worry that such methods would stifle innovation and obstruct smaller firms from competing with big players on a level playing field.