The Truth Social app from Donald Trump is now available for iOS

Truth Social, a new social network developed by Trump Media & Technology Group, has already appeared on iOS for download, according to former President Donald Trump.

Around 500 beta testers, most of whom are members of the MAGA community, have lately been given access to the app. Today is Presidents’ Day, and a Truth Social representative informed Reuters that they expect to debut today, Monday 21.

The question, “What makes Truth Social unique!”?” Asked in the app’s description. “We are a platform that does not discriminate based on political ideology. You’re all invited to join in on the fun and get to know one other!”

A personal page, a main feed, likes and retweets, and so on are all included in the app. Even comparing it to Twitter would be an understatement. Posts are referred to as Truths, whereas Truths are referred to as posts. Earlier this month, a senior official informed the public that verified profiles and direct communications would be arriving soon.

the whole and utter truth, and nothing else

Truth Social, a social network founded by Donald Trump, a guy notoriously at war with the truth, has had an intriguing path to get here.

Former Republican congressman Devin Nunes heads the Trump Media & Technology Group, which is described as the app’s developer. Nunes is renowned for suing a cow on Twitter and losing.

“Starting this week, the Apple App Store version of our app will be available. That’s going to be great, because we’ll be able to reach a much larger audience “recently, said Nunes on Fox News. To achieve our aim of being completely functional at least in the United States by the end of March, “I believe that we will be able to do so,” he said.

Truth Social’s content control will be an intriguing challenge. As Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in as President, Donald Trump was barred from the Capitol for instigating a disturbance.

Apple and Google have encountered issues with Parler, a right-wing social network. Apple took the app down for many months because of lax procedures on the removal of inflammatory and unlawful material. Truth Social is likely to have the similar problems in the absence of a reliable way to delete material.