The Steam Deck’s Box

Valve has revealed the final package design of the Steam Deck ahead of its forthcoming release date.

Valve has revealed photos of the Steam Controller’s packaging and accessories. Each Steam Deck comes with a console, as well as a carrying case, and each device comes with its own USB-C power supply, so you won’t have to get your own like you do with many recent smartphones.

For Valve fans, there are a few amusing Easter eggs hidden away in the box; I’ve discovered a few Portal allusions myself.

According to Valve, the packaging design is being tested, so there may be modifications from what you see in the images when the Steam Deck comes out next year.

The company also claims it has completed its design validation manufacturing build of the Steam Deck and that “there will be further minor changes in the finished product.”

Valve delayed the release of the Steam Deck by two months, from December 2021 to February 2022, as a result of worldwide supply chain problems in November. Just a few days later, Valve released a wealth of information about the gadget at a developer summit.

On November 18th, Valve delayed the Steam Deck’s launch date from November 19th to December 2nd. We apologize for the delay.