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The sleek new AIO desktops from Acer compete with the iMac

It doesn’t matter what you think about Macs, you have to admit that Apple’s design language is very recognisable and well-liked. The PC industry has recently responded with its own design innovations. To wit, Acer’s new Aspire S line, which consists of two different all-in-one desktop designs, is obviously aiming to steal some of the iMac’s thunder. Later in this year, you’ll be able to find them in stores.

The Aspire S will be offered in a 27-inch and a 32-inch screen size, with a subdued aluminium blue finish for the former and a kind of goldish-bronze for the latter. A single speaker sits atop the base, and all of the internal components are crammed within the column-shaped stand. Ultra-narrow borders surround the 1440p LCD screens.

The hardware’s internals are nothing to scoff at, despite its stylish exterior. The Core i5 and i7 CPUs in the 27-inch model receive Xe graphics, while the Core i7-13700 and the new Intel Arc discrete graphics in the 32-inch model have plenty of space to breathe. (The graphics processing unit it would employ was not revealed; it is likely an A-series chip like those seen in laptops.) Both desktops have Wi-Fi 6E, as well as USB-C, a dedicated Ethernet connector, and an HDMI-in connection, allowing them to function as a standard display for use with other computers or gaming consoles.

For effective online conferencing, the webcam is often the weak link in all-in-one systems. Acer has developed a solution to this problem by creating a camera with detachable modules that connect and remove using POGO pins. The camera sensor’s 1440p resolution, Windows Hello IR compatibility, and the included ring light should facilitate a polished appearance. Remove the camera if you’d want to utilise your own video recording setup.