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The Samsung Galaxy S23 and new Galaxy Books will be available tomorrow: everything we’ve learned thus far

A live Unpacked event from Samsung will take place on Wednesday, February 1, in San Francisco, California. This is Samsung’s first in-person event since before the epidemic caused businesses to shift to virtual gatherings.

Samsung is likely to unveil three new Galaxy S23 smartphones and two new Galaxy Book computers at the event.

Press will be present for the event, which will be held at The Masonic Auditorium. Live coverage of the event will be available on both Samsung’s website and YouTube. At 1 PM ET (10 AM PT), the fun will begin. Find out how to watch the game live and get all the details right here.

Let’s preview what we think Samsung will reveal at its first Unpacked presentation of 2023 before the big day arrives. Oh, and in typical Samsung form, there’s already a deal that may net you a hundred bucks in rebates.

Unpacked: What to Expect

The Galaxy S23 series of smartphones is anticipated to be unveiled by Samsung during Unpacked. We anticipate the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra to be released if Samsung sticks to its usual naming scheme.

Phones with such designations have sizes, prices, and features that correspond to the “excellent,” “better,” and “best” categories.

The above invitation shows a row of three spotlight circles. In this configuration, the lenses are vertically stacked on the back of the phone’s casing, similar to the camera configuration found on Samsung devices.

The President and Head of MX Business at Samsung, TM Roh, recently stated in a blog post that the “upcoming Galaxy is all about photography, performance, and sustainability.” We’ll be watching the event to find out the specifics of the upcoming improvements to the company’s flagship devices.

It’s astonishing to believe that Samsung may include its 200-megapixel picture sensor in the S23 series, which was just just launched. Thanks to the upgraded sensor, the camera can take higher-resolution photos without having to expand in size, preventing a bulky camera hump on the back of your phone.

As is customary, Samsung is also expected to introduce at least one other product with the new phones. This second product is likely to be an upgraded version of the company’s Galaxy Book laptop. One such speculated new laptop is the Galaxy Book Ultra, which, if real, will be Samsung’s first Ultra-branded Windows notebook. Next week, we should expect to witness the release of a new Galaxy Book (likely the Ultra) from Samsung, which will include an OLED display.

There is no pressing need for Samsung to update its smartwatch selection, but that hasn’t stopped the firm from doing so in the past.

There is a special offer for reservations that you should take advantage of.

Sign up for Samsung’s US Reserve offer if you’re even vaguely considering purchasing a new Galaxy phone. You have about a week left until the offer closes for US consumers on February 1.

You can delay the purchase or cancellation of a pre-order at your own discretion. Basically, you’re just expressing an interest in one of the mysterious gadgets. Signing up is as simple as providing your name and email address.

To join, visit or download the Shop Samsung app on an Android smartphone.

If you fill out the form and preorder a single device from Samsung, you will receive a $50 credit. Samsung will increase the rebate to $100 if you buy two devices.

The terms state that the discount can be used to the acquisition of a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23. In fact, you’ll forfeit the pre-order credit if you don’t utilise it for a pre-order.