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The official Samsung Galaxy S23 pre-order offer lowers the price of the phones

Leaks reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S23 and its siblings may have a price increase in the United Kingdom. However, if you do a pre-order, you may save money.

This is due to Samsung’s official confirmation that a free storage upgrade is available to all customers. Pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S23 with 256GB of storage will only cost you the same as the 128GB version. Pre-ordering a 512GB Galaxy S23 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will only cost you the same as the lesser 256GB model.

Strangely, the 1TB version of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra that has been speculated to exist is not mentioned as being compatible with this method.

This offer was bizarrely verified in the fine print of the Samsung Galaxy A23 product page on the Samsung Business UK website, however it was most likely an honest mistake. The wording is still legible as of this writing.

A few things need to be clarified here. First, while this was a business website, the language expressly refers to orders from (not the business site), so presumably you don’t need to be a business client to receive this incentive. It is, however, not guaranteed to be sold by unauthorised retailers or exported to other nations.

Even if this storage upgrade isn’t available in your country, you can still save money by reserving a Samsung Galaxy S23 and taking advantage of the country’s own promotion, which gives you $50 off the phone’s retail price.

Although it is not very surprising, the language on Samsung’s UK site confirms a few other items, such as the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus and Ultra in addition to the base model.

What’s more intriguing is that the promotion lasts through the 16th of February, which would indicate that the phones would really begin shipping on the 17th, as had been previously predicted. The formal unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is happening on February 1, so we won’t have to wait much longer.

In what percentage does this plan save costs?

We don’t yet know how much money you can save by upgrading the storage on the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, but for comparison’s sake, it cost £50 to expand the storage on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, and £80 on the Ultra to go from 256GB to 512GB. That said, even if there are price changes, we may still observe similarities between last year and this year.

The savings might be roughly $50 for the Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus and $100 for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra if the same promotion were available in the United States. The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus may be upgraded in Australia for AU$100 and AU$150, respectively, while the S23 Ultra may be discounted by $150.

It’s not a huge discount, but it does help bring down the price of what are set to be the greatest Samsung smartphones.