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The new virtual reality pool game from ForeVR is released

Launching today is ForeVR Pool, the company’s next light VR game. It’s a virtual reality game where users may play pool on digital tables, as the name indicates. For those with Meta Quest 2 or Pro headsets, the release date is now.

Players of ForeVR Pool can take on computer-controlled opponents or other players online. It has simulated locations (Brooklyn, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Paris) with a variety of match settings and unlockable cues. It allows for pass-and-play for those using a single headset and private rooms for up to three players and two observers.

The CEO of ForeVR, Marcus Segal, made the following statement: “ForeVR Pool is an exciting addition to our collection of family oriented sports titles. We’re excited to offer gamers their very own Pool Halls, where they may host get-togethers with old pals, new acquaintances, and everyone in between in stunning virtual world settings. Playing ForeVR Pool is a blast, and it’s the ideal addition to our network of casual games.

ForeVR recently shared the news that it has secured $10 million in funding to create virtual reality games. Some of its past games include virtual reality takes on bowling, darts, and cornhole. ForeVR claims their new pool game is suitable for a wide audience because it offers support for 26 languages, can be played with either hand, and is played with the same level of difficulty regardless of the player’s dominant hand.