The latest Chrome OS update delivers Android photographs to your Chromebook automatically

Google Chrome 103, which makes it simpler to transfer images from your Android device to your Chromebook, was introduced on Thursday. In addition, a new version that streamlines Bluetooth connections is on the way, according to the business.

Google’s director of Chrome OS Software, Alexander Kuscher, explains in a blog post that the upgrade builds on the Phone Hub app that was launched to Chrome OS last year. It is compatible with Android 5.1 and later devices and allows you to see text messages and battery life on your phone as well as carry over tabs from your mobile Chrome browser to your Chromebook’s browser.

Photographs taken with your Android phone will appear in a new “Recent photos” area in Chrome 103.

After that, you may save the photographs to your Chromebook and use it to edit, email, or do whatever else you’d rather do on a computer rather than a mobile device.

Chrome 103 includes an update to Google’s Nearby Share functionality as well. A Chromebook and an Android phone may exchange files over Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. Chrome 103 allows you to connect a Chromebook to a previously stored Wi-Fi network. It will save you time the next time a new Chromebook joins your network since your Android phone is already logged in.

Kuscher’s procedure seems to be straightforward.. On an Android phone, you just press the “Nearby” tile beneath a QR code to share the Wi-Fi network. It will be possible to view the Chromebook and connect it to the Wi-Fi network when the process is complete.

“The Chromebook will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi after receiving the Wi-Fi credentials (such as the network name and password) through Nearby Share. And, of course, it will also store for the next time the Chromebook wants to utilise that Wi-Fi network,” Kuscher noted.

A Fast Pair Bluetooth upgrade for Chrome 103 is expected to arrive “later this summer,” according to Kuscher. In order to use Bluetooth devices like headphones, you shouldn’t have to do anything in the Chromebook’s settings other than turning Bluetooth on; the functionality should take care of that for you.

“A fresh pair of headphones may be connected to a Chromebook simply by turning on the Chromebook’s built-in bluetooth. Once you get the pop-up message, you may connect your new item and start using it right away “Kuscher penned a piece. “Pairing your headphones is as simple as pressing a button,” says the manufacturer.

Windows Swift Pair, a similar technology, shows a pop-up on the PC when it detects a Bluetooth connection, but only if the wireless device is in its pairing mode. This feature differs from that.

According to Kuscher, “hundreds of different headphone types” will be compatible with the functionality, including Google’s own Pixel Buds. Pixel Buds A-Series, which cost $99, is the only model that supports the capability, although Kuscher didn’t specify which variants of the $99 Pixel Buds A-Series will be supported.

Screencast, Google’s video-editing programme for Chrome OS, is finally going to be released this week, according to Kuscher.