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A former Apple employee who used to work at the Genius Bar has been posting videos on TikTok that show a variety of iPhone secrets.

As an aside, it’s remarkable to me how much functionality Apple crammed into iOS but doesn’t really communicate to consumers.

This technique is surprisingly underutilized, despite the fact that people utilize the Mail and Messages apps regularly. Say you wish to erase multiple email messages. Instead of selecting each one separately, you may use two fingers to tap and drag them down on the screen.

This iPhone trick blew my mind the first time I saw it. Background music in Spotify or Apple Music, for example, automatically stops playing when a video is started, as anybody who has made video using an iPhone can verify.

However, there are times when you’d want to include your background music without having to edit it later in an editing program. If you wish to shoot a video with curated music playing in the background, the answer is simple. Open up the Camera app once the song you desire is playing.

When you drag your finger to the display’s edge, the button becomes a red ‘RECORDING’ button.

Using Shazzam to figure out what song is playing is simple.

As seen in the video below, the Music Recognition option may be added to the Control Center.

This is a new capability that was added to iOS 15. Users can now transfer files between applications for the first time.

In iOS 15, the technique of cross-app drag and drop is added. Finally! #WWDC21 Drag and drop between apps on your iPhone for the first time.