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The headphones from Rode now feature a detachable microphone

The NTH-100M is a bundle of the NTH-100 headphones with a headset microphone designed by Rode for use in broadcasting, streaming, and other voice-over work.

This year’s $189 NTH-100M is nearly identical to last year’s NTH-100s, but for a detachable boom microphone and a TRRS wire necessary for devices to use the microphone.

The NTH-100s distinguished out among other headphones used in media production because of their reversible cables, which allowed them to be plugged into either the right or left ear cup. Because of the NTH-100’s ingenious modular design, customers need simply purchase the boom mic attachment and new TRRS cable (together costing $69; see below) to upgrade from their current setup.

Mic attachment “delivers broadcast-grade audio and is tailored for improved plosive rejection,” according to Rode. As far as I can tell, the microphone is a high-quality option for making phone calls, playing online games, and livestreaming; in fact, it would work well enough for certain podcasting solutions. Aside from the fact that the plosives are almost nonexistent in the recordings I’ve made with this headset, the microphone also sounds far better than that on most gaming headsets.

Have a listen and see what I mean:

As the popularity of live streaming and podcasting has skyrocketed in recent years, a slew of specialised audio equipment has emerged to meet the needs of these audiences, and the latest addition to this market is the improved NTH-100M headphones. After seeing the success of headsets with integrated microphones, Rode released a series of gaming headphones in October, 2018. An audiophile favourite, Audeze, has released a gaming headset, while Audio-Technica has announced a microphone-equipped variant of its iconic ATH-M50 headphones for this year.