The Google Pixel 6a Begins to Surface in Renders

The Google Pixel 6 is now a month old, so why not shift the discussion to the Google Pixel 6a, a follow-up smartphone that may be announced early next year with a redesigned appearance to match its higher-end siblings. Here are some Pixel 6a concept renders.

The first images of this supposed Pixel 6a were released over the weekend by @onleaks, with light and dark color options. The device is presented as a Pixel 6 look-alike, with camera bar, multi-tone backside, and a flat front display with hole punch and fingerprint reader. If you’ve ever seen the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, this design would feel at home on either one of them.

We don’t know the specs of the display outside of its dimensions, which are said to be 6.2 inches. A dual rear camera is also rumored for the back, but we have no idea what kind of cameras Google will employ.

We don’t know anything about RAM or processor, and we just think it’ll resemble the images you’re seeing here, which are most likely from the supply chain and a case or accessory maker.

The Google Pixel 3 XL looks fantastic to me. The design is appropriate, and it looks like they got rid of the notch (at least on the XS model).

But that’s all we have to go on, so it’s tough to get a lot of opinion beyond that. Is there an LCD with 6.2 inches? Is 90Hz in mind? Is Tensor in use or is this phone once again using Qualcomm’s technology? Are we going back to their previous cameras, as was seen with the Pixel 5a? We need answers to several questions here.