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The Google app is now beginning to appear as though it was created for Android 13

When Android 12 was released, Google also unveiled the Material You progression of its design language. Many Google applications quickly adopted the new, background color-based style. Two years later, though, there is still plenty to be done. The latest beta version 14.4 of the app brings new design components for all Android phones, including the company’s core product, Search.

It’s possible that the 14.4 upgrade to the Google app won’t be immediately noticeable upon initial start. New tabs on Discover and Search have a pill-shaped overlay to match the new Material Design aesthetic. It’s currently in development, but for the time being this element of the interface won’t adapt to the colour scheme of your phone either. The search bar and Discover articles will still show in the same places as before.

Stylish new Google app design

Some other portions of the app, though, do appear a little better. You may now move between several Google accounts on both the web and the Google app. Clicking on your profile picture in the upper right corner will take you there. Colors for this section are taken from your current background and used to represent Material You. It has softened borders and groups the most crucial settings in separate boxes, making it easier on the eyes compared to its predecessor.

A reversion to the older style of the Google app

In settings, you’ll find a similar overhaul, albeit Material You is still absent. Now, rather than being a little magnifying glass symbol next to the title, the search bar for the settings is just below it. As we’ve seen in other applications, the Google app also features MD3 toggles on certain pages like General, although their design is a little different. According to 9to5Google, the Google app is among the first Google applications to adopt this style.

Google has made great advances with this revamp, but there is always room for improvement, especially in the search interface. One of the most crucial applications is now uniform with the rest of Google’s offerings and a few third-party services, giving your system a more unified appearance. Additionally, the new information panels that appear when you do a search for popular culture references like celebrities and films have a more polished and natural feel.

Members of the Google app beta programme on the Play Store should soon get the update. If you’d want to automatically switch back to the stable channel whenever it reaches this version number, you may grab it from APK Mirror.