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The features of the Microsoft Teams Premium preview, which is now available for testing, are as follows

For a limited time, business clients may try out Microsoft’s AI-enhanced Teams Premium membership for free.

In October, Microsoft launched the Teams Premium add-on for $10 per user per month, and it is now ready to test some of the extra capabilities with business clients.

One-on-one meetings, video conferences, town halls, and webinars may all benefit from the additional capabilities included with the Teams Premium add-on.

Consistent with previous announcements, the preview of Teams Premium features will launch in December. We anticipate wide release in February of 2023.

Meetings, organisation wallpaper, and organisation co-op scenarios may all be branded with Teams Premium. Live caption translation and recap features like automatically created chapters are two examples of the AI-enhanced functionalities. AI-generated suggestions for follow-up tasks and meeting-attendance-recovery insights are also provided.

Security-wise, Premium provides features to restrict copy-and-pasting of a meeting’s conversation and control over who may record a meeting, as well as end-to-end encryption for meetings.

Teams Premium includes a queue and human approval for webinar signups. It also provides a private, online space for speakers to prepare in advance of the event. The presenter has the option to limit the visibility of the screen to only the material being presented and the people who are being brought up on it.

Teams Premium includes a Virtual Appointment dashboard where users can examine calendars, queues, and analysts to supervise no-shows and wait times in addition to SMS reminders and customised virtual appointments.

Sign up for the preview of Microsoft Teams Premium here if you’re interested in trying it out.

After GA in February 2023, users who already have a subscription to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 will be able to add Teams Premium to their plans. Intelligent recap features, according to Microsoft, will start appearing in the wild somewhere in the first part of 2023.

Microsoft has written a detailed blog post for users, meeting organisers, and Teams administrators to learn more about the Premium features and how they may be put to use.

In January, preview users will be able to add their company’s logo and branded graphics to the meeting’s pre-join, lobby, and in-meeting experiences.

It was announced in November by Microsoft officials that all users will have access to Live translated captions until February 2023, after which time a Microsoft Teams Premium subscription would be required. However, it seems that the licence is associated with the host of the gathering.

“If an organiser has Teams Premium, all meeting participants may enjoy live translated captions,” Microsoft’s Holly Lehman said in a weblog.

Until February 2023, all users have access to live translated captions. After that date, however, you’ll need a Microsoft Teams Premium membership to continue using this feature. However, it seems that the licence is associated with the host of the conference.

When Microsoft’s Holly Lehman writes that “if an organiser has Teams Premium, all meeting participants may enjoy live translated captions,” she means that if the meeting organiser has Teams Premium.