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The developers of To The Moon’s emotional, narrative-driven role-playing game, Finding Paradise

Android users will soon be able to play Finding Paradise. The PC version of this story-driven RPG was published in 2017, and now it’s coming to mobile devices. A sequel to To the Moon, it will be available on mobile devices for individuals who either did not play the original or are still waiting for it to be out.

Finding Paradise, like To the Moon, was created in RPG Maker. The story is the main attraction, so if fighting is what you’re after, check out our recommended Android RPGs instead. Having said that, the tale of Finding Paradise is excellent and definitely worth the cost of admission.

Finding Paradise is told from the perspective of Sigmund Corps physicians Drs. Wats and Rosalene. They go through the dying person’s past to artificially provide their final wants. The journey we take from birth to death is the central topic, yet the story is peppered with comedy to make it more bearable. If you’re in the mood for something different, give this RPG a go.

The Steam version of Finding Paradise gets nearly universally glowing reviews (98% positive), with many players praising the game for its moving plot. It’s short enough that you can read it in a day or two, or in around 5 hours, if that’s how long it takes you to read a typical book.

The mobile adaptation of Finding Paradise not only allows you to play the game on the go, but it also includes a slew of improvements designed to make your time with the game even more satisfying. Features like as auto-save, touch-based controls, and a reworked user interface are included. A new music box option gives players instant access to the complete score. The music is wonderful as well, which is a great bonus for both beginner and veteran players.

On November 18th, Finding Paradise will be available for $2.99 on the Play Store and TapTap. Even the Play Store version requires you to sign up for a TapTap account before you can begin playing. However, if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on To The Moon, you should do so immediately; not only is it a superb companion piece to Finding Paradise, but it also serves as an excellent jumping off point for the latter.