The crowdfunded AAWireless Android Auto adaptor may now be purchased outright

Although Android Auto may significantly improve your driving experience, who wants to have their vehicle overrun by cables? Near-perfect interoperability from the mobile end is now possible with almost any recent Android smartphone (at least those supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi and running Android 11). Any obstacle is more often on the automobile side, which is where a small, simple adaptor may be used as a form of retrofit to enable a flawless cable-free connection. AAWireless was once an Indiegogo-exclusive when it was first released, but that is happily no longer the case.

A Wireless is now available for purchase straight from the manufacturer’s website for roughly $90, and delivery may be anticipated in about five days. The European Union’s internet shop isn’t yet up, but it should be shortly. Meanwhile, the Indiegogo listing is still active and is most likely to stay so for the time being. Even while there is a chance that shipments would take longer than they would via the online shop, you can still purchase dongles through it for a little reduced price of $85.

We believe that many customers are closely scrutinising AAWireless and these new direct sales in light of the many stock supply challenges we’ve been seeing with the Moto MA1 wireless Android Auto adapter.