The best Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links decks: Get your game on! (February 2020)

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It’s an excellent time to duel! A slew of recent bins and occasions has reworked the Duel Hyperlinks meta in current months. Quite a lot of decks, each previous and new, are actually viable and might take you far. Nevertheless, getting that coveted King of Video games rank just isn’t at all times simple — some decks will at all times be extra dominant than others. Nevertheless, now that the Kaiba Corp Cup second stage has ended, we’ve got a greater understanding of which decks carry out the perfect and what makes them tick. With out additional ado, listed here are the perfect Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Hyperlinks decks of the present meta.

The perfect Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Hyperlinks decks:

  1. Dark Magician
  2. Invoked Elementsabers
  3. Shiranui
  4. Blackwings
  5. Cyberdragon

Editor’s word: The deck recipes are primarily based on prime decks utilized in tournaments and within the KC Cup. This listing can be up to date repeatedly because the meta evolves and new decks change into dominant.

1. Darkish Magician

Dark Magician best Duel Links decks

Yugi’s longtime companion Darkish Magician is extra versatile than you would possibly suppose. With many help playing cards now within the sport because of current occasions and the brand new Future Horizon Field, Darkish Magician is now a tier one deck. The perfect information, nonetheless, is that you simply don’t must lay our a fortune or purchase any construction decks to pummel opponents with it. Two of the important thing playing cards are ultra-rare however they aren’t unattainable to get with some grinding.

So, how does the most recent iteration of Darkish Magician work? It’s a extremely constant deck with highly effective looking out, in addition to the flexibility to banish and negate. This achieved with the assistance of two playing cards — Magician Navigation and Darkish Magical Circle. Magician Navigation means that you can summon Darkish Magician, triggering Darkish Magical Circle’s banishing impact. As soon as within the graveyard, Magician Navigation can be banished to negate an opponent’s spell or entice. This opens the best way for a protected direct assault, which normally leads to a one flip kill.

Dark Magician deck core cards

Nevertheless, to get this chain going you want two different important playing cards. Magician’s Rod is an important. It’s a staple of each Darkish Magician deck as a result of it means that you can seek for spells and entice belonging to the archetype. Fortunately, you’ll be able to get hold of it from the Card Dealer. Phantasm Magic, one other obligatory card, nonetheless, can solely be obtained by way of leveling up Arkana to stage 25. Phantasm Magic the important thing to getting your magicians out of your deck to your hand and triggering the consequences of the opposite core playing cards. So, for those who haven’t bothered to stage up Arkana but, benefit from the present 1.5 XP marketing campaign and achieve this.

Different playing cards price mentioning are The Eye of Timaeus and Darkish Cavalry. They’re there to offer you an opportunity in opposition to the opposite prime deck lurking in ranked — Elementsabers. Don’t skip them if you would like a clean crusing journey to King of Video games. Different meta decks aren’t as efficient in opposition to Darkish Magician, however we suggest you employ Ishizu and her highly effective Sealed Tombs talent for optimum leads to any matchup, together with mirror matches. Energy of Darkish is one other talent you should utilize. It’s not so good as Sealed Tombs, however it will probably nonetheless provide the higher hand in some duels.

What about tech playing cards? Put together the standard — Treacherous Lure Gap and Cosmic Cyclone. Don’t fear for those who don’t personal sufficient copies although. You possibly can exchange them with comparable highly effective playing cards like Galaxy Cyclone, Fiendish Chain, Enemy Controller and extra. All that’s left is to apply in opposition to some NPCs to get a sense for all of the timings and combos. When you grasp it, it’s the perfect Duel Hyperlinks deck you’ll be able to play.

2. Invoked Elementsabers

Invoked Elementsabers best Duel Links decks

Warriors, spellcasters and fusion monsters have joined forces to offers us among the best Duel Hyperlinks decks: Invoked Elementsabers. It’s not usually that we see a single field present virtually all the mandatory supplies for a tier one deck, however that is the case with Darkish Dimensions and this new and explosive archetype.

Elementsabers is an OTK (one flip kill) deck that depends on its highly effective fusion beasts to crush opponents — Invoked Cocytus and Invoked Purgatrio. Getting them out on the sphere requires meticulous play and an excellent understanding of all of your playing cards’ synergies. The 2 most vital playing cards are Aleister the Invoker and Invocation.

Summoning Invoker provides the fusion spell Invocation to your hand. You then must fuse Invoker with both a Fireplace monster for Purgatrio or a water monster for Cocytus. Right here is the place you might want to watch out although. Your area spell Palace of the Elemental Lords can add the monster with the fitting attribute to your hand, however at the price of skipping your subsequent battle section. The opposite resolution is altering attributes within the graveyard — one thing all Elementsaber monsters can do. How will that allow you to? In contrast to Polymerization, Invocation can use monsters in both participant’s graveyard as fusion supplies.

Invoked Elementsabers core cards

After getting that discovered and also you’ve carried out your fusion summon, you’ll be able to shuffle Invocation again into your deck, permitting you so as to add the banished Invoker again to your hand. Aleister can then be discarded as soon as extra to spice up a fusion monster’s assault. If in case you have Purgatrio on the sphere, utilizing this transfer is sort of at all times a assured win as a result of the fusion monster inflicts piercing injury and might assault each monster your opponent controls as soon as per flip. Cocytus is a fair safer guess as a result of it’s proof against enemy card results and might assault even when it’s in face-up protection place. This makes the deck not solely extremely constant and self-sustaining however one which assures fast victories in most matchups.

Three copies of Cosmic Cyclone are a necessary a part of the Elementsabers deck.

Invoked Aspect Sabers has one weak point, nonetheless. The deck doesn’t have a lot backrow removing despite the fact that Elementsaber Lapauila can negate spells and traps. Because of this three Cosmic Cyclones are a necessary a part of it. They’re additionally wanted to set off the talent this deck is normally performed with: Sorcery Conduit. This Yami Yugi talent means that you can draw a random spellcaster monster. Since Invoker is the one spellcaster in your deck, it’s an efficient looking out mechanism which makes Invoked Elementsabers extremely constant.

We should always word, nonetheless, that Invoked Elementsabers just isn’t an inexpensive deck. Most of it’d come from a single field, however it’s a predominant field and also you want two or three copies of a number of UR and SR playing cards. It’s attainable to accumulate it with some gem hoarding and a whole lot of luck, however you would possibly must spend actual money as properly.

three. Shiranui

Shiranui deck recipe Yu Gi Oh Duel Links 1

It was about time for a Synchro deck to shake up the meta. There have been some robust archetypes floating round previously, however none as efficient as Shiranui. This zombie samurai deck depends on a fast and explosive offense and has a number of variants that each one work extremely properly. It’s for sure among the best Duel Hyperlinks decks.

Essentially the most profitable model presently within the meta is a 30-card deck that make use of That Grass Appears Greener. Identical to different decks that make the most of this card, the purpose is to mill a part of your deck to the grave. This in flip prompts the core card — Burgeoning Whirlflame. This entice means that you can banish two hearth monsters out of your graveyard and add Burgeoning Whirlflame again to your hand. What so particular about that? Virtually all your Shiranui monsters are hearth sort and have results which might be triggered upon banishment. Solitaire means that you can summon one other Shiranui monster as soon as per flip, Samurai provides a monster to your hand, Spiritmaster destroys an opponent’s card and so forth.

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However how do you do injury? That is the place your synchro playing cards are available. They require one tuner monster and one non-tuner whose mixed star quantity equals that of the synchro you need to summon. Shiranui has loads of nice ones — Sunsaga not solely has 3500 assault, for instance, however protects all your different playing cards together with his results. Squiresaga, however, can increase your assault and destroy a spell, entice and/or monster on the sphere. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless advisable so as to add one Black Rose Dragon to your Additional deck in case you want you end up in want of a area clearing skill. Gozuki and Bacon Saver are two different playing cards which are nice additions, which is able to solely praise the archetype and “grass” technique.

Shiranui deck core cards

In fact, the entire deck is dependent upon That Grass Appears Greener card. To make sure you draw it in your first hand, you might want to use both the Restart or Spell Specialist talent. We suggest the second, because it makes the Shiranui deck probably the most constant. That is the way it works: you might want to have 5 or extra spell playing cards with completely different names in your deck, which considerably will increase the prospect of your opening hand containing a spell card. Nonetheless, most decks run one copy of Gold Sarcofagus as a result of it can’t solely seek for your Grass card, but additionally set off monster results by banishing.

Shiranui could make use of restricted playing cards.

Lastly, in the case of tech playing cards, you’ll be able to go wild — since not one of the Shiranui playing cards have made it onto the restricted listing, you should utilize two copies of Enemy Controller or no matter else involves thoughts. It’s what makes Shiranui so nice. Nevertheless it’s among the best Duel Hyperlinks decks for an additional motive too. As a result of a lot of the archetype playing cards are situated within the Soul of Resurrection mini field, it’s as near free-to-play as you may get within the present meta.

four. Blackwings

Blackwing best Duel Links decks

If you wish to unfold your wings with winged beast deck, look no additional than Crow Hogan’s Blackwings. That is yet one more OTK synchro deck that focuses on swarming and rapidly dispatching along with your opponent.

On the core of the Blackwings deck lie two highly effective looking out playing cards. Black Whirlwind is the important thing to getting monsters to your hand — each time a Blackwing monster is regular summoned to your aspect of the sphere, this spell card means that you can add one other Blackwing monster with much less assault from the deck to your hand. However what for those who don’t draw it in your opening or second hand? Then you should utilize Blackwing – Simoon the Poison Wind. Don’t be overwhelmed by the wall of textual content in his description. He can be utilized whenever you management no different monsters to carry forth your Whirlwind and summon Simoon himself. From there, you’ll need to summon Blackwing – Oroshi the Squall by way of Whirwind’s impact. It’s a tuner monster that can allow you to carry the massive bads out of your Additional deck out.

Blackwing core cards

There are a bunch of nice synchros at your disposal. Obsidian Hawk Joe not solely has 2600 assault factors however can redirect assaults and resummon stage 5 or increased Blackwing monster from the graveyard as soon as per flip. This works excellently with Raikiri the Rain Bathe’s card destruction skill. Pair them collectively and when your opponent is about to destroy Joe, make them goal at Raikiri as a substitute. All that’s left is to resummon Raikiri and wipe the opponent’s board. Don’t underestimate the opposite playing cards in your further deck both. Onimaru the Divine Thunder is proof against destruction from card results and might acquire 3000 assault if its particular summoning circumstances are met. There isn’t way more you’ll be able to ask for.

There are a few issues to notice, nonetheless. In contrast to a lot of the decks on this listing, Blackwings want going second. For those who do go first, don’t rush and take out all your robust playing cards directly. You by no means know what your opponent may need in inventory (normally a Treacherous Traphole). There are also quite a lot of abilities you should utilize with this deck, however the strongest is Harpie’s Looking Floor. Its assault increase may not be vital, however it means that you can seek for extra monsters with Whirlwind. Lastly, for entice and spell playing cards, you’ll need Hey, Trunade, which might clear the best way for an OTK , in addition to Blackbird Shut. The latter is extremely robust as a result of it may be performed out of your hand when your Blackwing synchros are on the sphere.

Blackwing just isn’t an inexpensive deck, however like Elementsabers, just about all of its playing cards might be present in one predominant field (Aerial Assault). It’s a terrific match for any participant that loves beatdown decks and it’s among the best decks Duel Hyperlinks has to supply in the mean time.

5. Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon best Duel Links decks 1

Zane Truesdale’s Cyberdarks had been all the fad final yr, however this time his authentic archetype is choosing up velocity — Cyber Dragons. It’s a best-of-both-worlds fusion deck, which mixes card destruction with excessive injury output.

So, how what makes Cyber Dragons tick? There are a number of variations of this deck within the meta, however all of them have three playing cards at their core. The aptly named Cyber Dragon Core is the primary of your important playing cards. As soon as per flip, when regular summoned, it means that you can add one Cyber spell or entice out of your deck to your hand. Use this impact to get Cyberload Fusion or Cybernetic Overflow. Cyberload Fusion is a fusion card because it title implies, however it works otherwise from Polymerization. It might probably solely use supplies out of your banished playing cards and out of your area. It then shuffles the fusion supplies again into the deck as a substitute of sending them to the graveyard. Cybernetic Overflow can solely be used as soon as per flip, however it makes the deck constant and self-sustaining.

With its assist, one among your first targets to summon is Chimeratech Rampage Dragon: a strong impact monster, which might clear your enemy’s backrow and assault as much as 3 times per flip in alternate for sending two Mild Machine monsters to the graveyard.

Cyber Dragon deck core cards

Your Cybernetic Overflow entice additionally works to clear spells and traps. To make use of it, you might want to banish Cyber Dragon monsters with completely different ranges out of your hand, graveyard or area. Because of this the deck normally options each Cyber Dragon and Cyber Dragon Vier (5 and 4 stars respectively). Higher but, even when your opponent destroys the entice earlier than you’ll be able to activate it, its second impact means that you can seek for one other Overflow or Cyberload Fusion. This provides you the flexibility to make come again performs even when confronted with troublesome matchups.

However what for those who’re dealing with beefy monsters that your Chimeratech Rampage Dragon can’t handle by itself? You need to use Concentrating Present or you would depend on your Cyber Finish Dragon. The dragon might be fusion summoned with Cyberload Fusion, and with 4000 assault, few monsters can stand as much as it. One of the simplest ways to get it out on the sphere is to play the deck with Zane’s Cyber Fashion talent. Nevertheless, you can too play the deck with Draw Sense: Low-Degree to make sure you get your Cyber Dragon Core copies whenever you want them.

Relying on what playing cards you select to incorporate, Cyber Dragon just isn’t an inexpensive deck, however it’s among the best Duel Hyperlinks decks regardless. It’s additionally price investing in as a result of it’s an archetype that may see additional help in future bins.

Honorable mentions

Don’t suppose any of the above decks are the fitting match for you? Listed here are a few different prime tier decks that may allow you to in your solution to King of Video games:

  • Darkish Lords: an older deck that has been round since final summer time however nonetheless a really highly effective one.
  • Ritual beasts: don’t like Synchros or Fusion monsters? Give ritual beasts a attempt as a substitute with this glorious deck.
  • Thunder Dragons: a lesser identified however highly effective deck that might shock opponents used to seeing solely different meta decks.

These are our picks for the perfect Duel Hyperlinks decks of the present meta! Which of them are your favorites? Tell us within the feedback beneath.

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