The Best Google Pixel 3 Screen Protectors for 2020

When you have a beautiful phone like the Google Pixel 3, you want to protect it from damage. Since you can no longer buy a new Google Pixel 3, high-quality screen protectors are not easy to find. Fortunately, manufacturers are still supporting the flagship Google phone. 

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The best screen protectors for 2020 are thin and durable. They help prevent screens from cracking if you drop the phone, and they keep the screen free of dirt and grime from daily use. If you’re not sure how to apply a screen protector, we’ve created a screen protector application guide to help you out.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Protector

Attaching a screen protector can be a fiddly process, and a botched job can leave your protector off-center, or worse, with air bubbles or dust trapped underneath. If that idea sets off anxious feelings in your stomach, check our Ringke’s Dual Easy Film protector. The multi-tab system used by Ringke strips out dust and dander trapped between the screen protector and display, and the included squeegee ensures air bubbles are forced out. There’s also a spare protector in the box, in case of mistakes. While film may not be as protective as glass, the easy application method and protection against dirt and grease is excellent.

Peel Glass Protector

Peel’s case is one of the thinnest you can get, and if you care about keeping your device’s sleek form factor, then Peel’s screen protector is the perfect addition to complete your protection. Unsurprisingly, it’s crafted to match Peel’s Pixel 3 case perfectly, and it runs all the way to the edge of the case. As such, the case can be used as an alignment aid to make sure the screen protector is perfectly aligned. It’s thin and has a colored bezel to match your device, and it’s made from durable glass that’ll protect against scratches and smeary fingerprints. It’s on the expensive side for a single screen protector, but it’s a perfect match for a Peel case.

GPEL Privacy Glass

Our phone is so personal, yet we’re constantly taking it out in public. Keeping our most important data and intimate messages from prying eyes on the train or at the bar is crucial, and GPEL’s screen protector can help with that. It has a privacy layer, which is clear from the front, but fades to black when viewed from the side, making it harder for anyone to see your display if they’re not meant to. The Japanese glass is tough too, with a 9H hardness and an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smears. It’s not too expensive, and although it makes showing things to friends a little harder, this is a must-buy for the security conscious.

Otterbox Amplify

Otterbox is one of the biggest names in device protection, so it makes sense it would offer some great screen protection for the Pixel 3. The Amplify screen protector is the result of a collaboration between Otterbox and Corning, the company that makes the Gorilla Glass that covers most smartphone screens. As such, the Amplify is super-strong and resistant to most damage, and makes a great shield for your Pixel 3’s screen. It’s so strong, Otterbox claims it offers five times more scratch-resistance than other competitors. It’s on the expensive side, even for glass, but it’s a great way to finish your protection off if you’re also using an Otterbox case.

Whitestone Dome Glass

The Whitestone Dome Glass is not your usual glass screen protector, and it uses a special installation method that applies a layer of liquid adhesive under the screen protector. That adhesive is then cured with the UV lamp, ensuring a tight fit and complete retention of touch-sensitivity. The liquid install method means the protector will stay together if it does crack, and it can even be used on an already cracked screen — the glue will flow into the cracks and set, stopping further damage. The protector itself is strong and scratch-resistant. It’s expensive for sure, but it’s one of the best protectors you can get.

InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard

Did you know that blue light from your phone can trick your body into thinking it’s daylight and can make it harder to get to sleep at night? While staying away from devices before bed is a great idea, this screen protector from InvisibleShield means you don’t have to. It’s made from tempered glass, so it’ll provide great resistance to keys and scratches, and protect well against drops and similar — but the headline feature here is the protective Eyesafe layer that InvisibleShield claims will block blue light from reaching your eyes. Unlike software-based solutions, it doesn’t tint the screen a different color while doing it either, which means your experience is uninterrupted. It’s expensive but potentially helpful.

Skinomi Matteskin Anti-Glare Twin Pack

Skinomi’s film protector won’t be as protective against bumps and scratches as a glass protector, but the film does still provide good protection against day-to-day wear, dirt, and marks. It has a non-reflective matte finish which gives it anti-glare properties, making the screen easier to see in bright sunlight. It’s fully case compatible, so it won’t interfere with a Pixel 3 case, and it even comes with self-healing properties that mean smaller scratches will fix themselves over time. It won’t yellow over time as some film protectors do, and it comes with a spare, making it exceptionally good value-for-money.

IQ Shield LiQuid Full Body Shield

Another great film option, this protector from IQ Shield comes with a wet installation method, which applies a layer of solution between the protector and the Pixel 3’s display. This adhesive layer ensures a tight fit with the device. It’s made from a tough film and comes with a multi-layer structure, including an anti-UV layer that prevents yellowing, and a firm protective liner. It won’t guard as well as glass against drops and other heavy impacts, but it will provide great protection against scratches and daily wear and tear. Best of all, this protector also comes with a protector for the back of the phone, especially good if you’re happy to go without a case, but still want scratch and fingerprint protection.

BodyGuardz Pure 2

BodyGuardz is becoming increasingly well known for its high-quality screen protector options, and the Pure 2 happens to be one of its best. It’s made from aluminosilicate tempered glass. Though it’s still a tempered glass BodyGuardz claims this material is able to provide thinner but more durable protection than the regular soda-lime glass that’s used in other glass protectors. BodyGuardz also states that the Pure 2 is a premium protector that offers up to five times more scratch protection than the competition. There is also an impact-absorbing, adhesive layer that should ensure some good drop protection. There’s an easy-align tray included for simple installation, and it comes with BodyGuardz’s lifetime replacements policy.

ArmorSuit Case-Friendly Protector

ArmorSuit claims to have created a film to rival tempered glass protectors. According to ArmorSuit, the film used in its film protectors is also used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles and provides military-grade protection and great durability.

ArmorSuit protectors or resistant to nicks and cuts, thanks to its self-healing capabilities. It’s also great for reducing smudges and fingerprints on your phone’s display compared to glass protectors. It uses a wet installation method, which ensures a close fit. Don’t worry. It’s not difficult to apply.

If you are in need of some decent protection at an affordable price, this ArmorSuit Protector is certainly worth considering. Despite ArmoSuits’


SuperShieldz Full Coverage Protector

SuperShieldz provides a great option for those looking for next-level protection. While they are super-tough, they won’t break the bank. This protector comes in a pack of two which, gives you an additional protector should you ever need a spare.

SuperShieldz claims that these full coverage protectors offer 99.99 percent HD Clarity and excellent touch sensitivity, all made from 9H tempered glass.

Thanks its glass construction, these shields will protect against scratches and other hazards. They can also take the brunt of the impact in a fall, hopefully saving your Pixel 3’s display. These shields provide an excellent level of protection for the money. They are an affordable option that even covers the edges of your display screen.


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