The 2015 college football season was one of awakenings.

The OAK-D is an open-source, full-color depth sensing camera with built-in AI capabilities, and there’s now a crowdfunding campaign for a lighter version called the OAK-D Lite.

The OAK-D Lite camera is a bundle of several components: a full-color 4K camera, two greyscale cameras for stereo depth sensing, and onboard AI machine vision processing with Intel’s Movidius Myriad X processor.

The objective is to enable embedded systems to gain human-like real-time visual capability, which essentially implies detecting things and determining their location in physical space.

So, how is it put to use? The OAK-D Lite is a USB device that can be plugged into a host (running any OS), and the team has spent a significant amount of effort making it as simple as possible.

Another element that improves ease of use is the fact that support for the OAK-D Lite (as well as the previous OAK-D) has been integrated to a software package called Cortic Edge Platform (CEP).

It’s exciting to see a new model being released, especially since the OAK-D has already been successful in agricultural biomass estimation. We’ve previously seen the OAK-D utilized in a system that visually detects weeds and calculates biomass in agriculture, and it’s fantastic to see another one is coming.