Sundays are now a profitable day for Chick-fil-A

When you think of Chick-fil-A, what comes to mind?

Maybe a sense of goodness. Even a sense of piety is possible.

Then there’s the difference between saying “my pleasure” and saying “you’re welcome.”

With its white picket fence and food decorations, it all has a quaint charm.

Since the company isn’t like its rivals, you would expect it wouldn’t succumb to every new fad. There are just a few items on the Chick-fil-A menu. On Sundays, it doesn’t even bother to open.

I’m sorry to have to correct your misconceptions. Chick-fil-A is offering a special promotion this week. Trademark applications for NFTs and the metaverse have been secretly submitted.

You’re going to claim that this was bound to happen. I’m on board with what you’re saying. Because of the dangers of Futureworld imitators, McDonald’s has already made a metaverse fortress out of its brand.

It’s possible that some consumers may murmur under their breath after reading the application as trademark attorney and astronomer Mike Kondoudis has released parts of it: “I’m sorry. Do you think this is possible?”

Chick-fil-drive-thru A’s generates traffic bottlenecks because it’s so authentic. If the chain is selling “virtual food and beverage products,” how is it able to say that they are also selling “downloadable virtual commodities, especially food and beverage items and drinks for use in virtual worlds”?

Of course, that’s not the end of it.

Perhaps “entertainment services, such as the delivery of virtual food and drinks to virtual surroundings through the internet” would be a better description?

Non-downloadable computer software, specifically, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for commercial transactions” is what this application describes.

I’m here to give them hope.

For example, “doing an incentive programme where participants may receive real world and virtual incentives” comes to mind.

You’re stranded in the metaverse, unable to leave. You’ve been there a long time. You can’t get out of this situation. You are, nevertheless, starving.

Imagine, then, if your online behaviour might earn you Chick-fil-A rewards. That would be a fascinating prospect.

For all we know, Chick-fil-A may one day allow you to enter their spotless virtual world and place an order for (what’s left of) your real-world consumption.

People who aren’t of the heavenly kind are likely to see this development in a more gloomy light.

They’ll speculate that Chick-fil-A will finally break even on Sundays now that they’ve entered the metaverse’s Hades. On that day, the business does not operate, allowing workers to either pray or just take a day off, which is quite reasonable in our modern environment.

But you can’t shut off the metaverse for a day of relaxation. On a day when you’ve never earned money before, you find yourself in a position to do so.

Do like the Romans do while you’re in Rome. Vegas is a place where everything goes. No one needs to know what occurs in the metaverse, do they?