Starfield: Three different locations from the game revealed

In a trio of short new videos, Bethesda has revealed three of the cities that will appear in Starfield.

The videos, which were previously shared with Starfield Constellation Program participants, have now been uploaded by the official Starfield Twitter account and may be seen below.

The videos don’t provide a look at how the areas will appear in-game; instead, they show us concept art for each location (first seen in “Into the Starfield”), with additional information from design director Emil Pagliarulo providing greater insight into their histories. Despite the fact that each video is only 50 seconds long, you do get a good idea of how each town will appear in the game.

The first of the three cities is New Atlantis, capital of the United Colonies, which is known as the most powerful political and military organization in the game. “New Atlantis is a true melting pot,” Pagliarulo explains, “and its inhabitants come from every race, religion, and ethnicity. In many ways, New Atlantis is an Earth City, but it’s really a city in space.

The third city, Akila, is less developed than New Atlantis. It’s the seat of the Freestar Collective, a loosely organized confederation of three star systems. While the residents of the city are varied, they all subscribe to the importance of personal freedom and uniqueness. The city is surrounded by a wall and outside its walls lurk savage aliens that are “a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor,” according To Pagliarulo. We don’t see any concept art for these aliens, though their description certainly gets one thinking.

Finally, there’s Neon, a pleasure city developed by a business on an aquatic planet. Originally intended to be a fishing station, the corporation discovered that some of the fish had psychotropic qualities and realized they could make more money selling a drug than catching them. That substance is Aurora, which is only legal in Neon and attracts many visitors.

Fuel for the imagination

While the three cities illustrated by Bethesda in these trailers appear to be quite diverse from one another, they nonetheless seem like the sort of locations you’d anticipate (and desire) to find in an open world RPG.

However, given that a lot of the game happens in space, this does not rule out an RTS or RPG game being developed around it. It’s also possible that the series will continue to be expanded with novel stories set later in time periods following on from those covered in Starfield. For instance, as interesting and engaging as concept art is, it doesn’t guarantee what we’ll see in the game. So far, we’ve only seen a little bit of the game.

However, unlike the prequels, which were released in response to player feedback and directly reflect Bethesda’s vision for Starfield’s world (and didn’t necessarily include any gameplay), these videos do give us a glimpse into Starfield’s creators’ ambitions for the planet. Hopefully, it’ll be a place with unique, lovely locations that are worth visiting. We’d love to see Neon if it looks half as nice in real life as it does in its artwork.

So, while these short videos don’t give away much about Starfield as a whole, they do excite us by suggesting that we’ll learn more and see actual game footage once it’s ready.

There’s still plenty of time for all of that, though – Starfield’s release date is planned for November 11 2022, nearly a year from now. When it does go live, you’ll be able to play it on PC and Xbox Series X, with a day one Xbox Game Pass debut.