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Sorare and the Premier League collaborate on Web-based fantasy sports

The blockchain-based fantasy sports game developer Sorare signed a partnership agreement with the English Premier League, the most-watched soccer league in the world. Cards featuring players from each of the 20 EPL teams will be made available. New gameplay elements, such as league-specific contests, draft-based games, and a salary capped-mode, will launch simultaneously with these.

The Premier League is always seeking for new methods to interact with its fans, and the manner in which they keep up with their favourite clubs and players is always changing. Premier League CEO Richard Masters praised Sorare for providing fans with “a fresh opportunity to feel closer to the Premier League” with their digital cards and cutting-edge online game.

When the 2018 version of Sorare, a fantasy sports game based on the NFT, debuted, soccer was the sport of choice. The organisation now has partnerships with approximately 300 soccer teams across 50 leagues. Major league soccer (MLS) in the United States is among them, with La Liga, La Liga, the Bundesliga, and Germany’s Serie A. With this interconnectedness among the best leagues, it will be easier to maintain interest.

Sorare also collaborated with FIFA to release a free-to-play version of their game in time for the 2022 World Cup. More than 585 thousand fans joined Sorare throughout the relationship.

Sorare now includes a broader range of athletic pursuits. To expand its reach beyond soccer fans, Sorare inked partnerships with the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball.

There has been an effort by the Premier League to find an NFT partner. Negotiations for a $450 million contract over four years with competitor ConsenSys reportedly fell down in the midst of the crypto-winter. While the Premier League’s caution may have cost it money (around $118 million annually), this alliance seems to be concerned with the long-term success of the league and its fan base. The game mechanics and continuous development of Sorare have allowed it to shed the image as a high-risk, poor reward speculative commodity.

It’s clear from this agreement that the value of NFT and blockchain collaborations will change dramatically between now and 2023.