Soon, iPads will no longer be able to function as the centres of the smart home

HomeKit devices will no longer be controlled by an iPad after iOS 16 is released later this autumn.

According to iOS engineer and MacRumors writer Steve Moser who examined iOS 16 Beta 2’s source code, the bug has been fixed. A lengthy Twitter thread (opens in new tab) where he details his results also discusses upcoming changes to Apple products.

Alterations brought by by iOS 16

There will be a new message in the Home app when an iPad is updated to iOS 16 that says “Welcome to iOS 16.” “A home hub is needed to take use of features such as getting accessory notifications and enabling other people to manage your homes. ” Before you may see shared homes, they must also be updated to the most recent version of HomeKit. The use of an iPad as a home hub is no longer possible.”

Apple verifies this by indicating that only Apple TVs and HomePod devices may be used as home hubs if you go to the iOS 16 preview website. Asked the IT company to clarify why they were eliminating iPad support, we received no answer. The new Matter support, according to MacRumors, may be to blame for the shift.

Several major giants, including Apple, Google, and Amazon, are working on a new smart home standard called Matter. The goal is to save the smart home sector by creating a uniform standard. The standard is expected to be released in the fall of 2022, coinciding with the introduction of iOS 16.

Added functions and alterations

The only significant change is the lowering in the iPad’s price. Moser said a lot of content will be reworked in the next revision. As an example, “Passive entry may be accessible when your iPhone needs to be charged” will now shown on Apple Car Key. Health applications, for example, have a distinct icon. A few notable additions are included in the tertiary material.

To begin with, new e-bike-optimized routes will be added to Apple Maps. Only that there will be a “Game Mode” is known at this time. Because the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are now supported natively in iOS 16, this mode might be related to Apple’s newly discovered gaming compatibility. The iPhone Camera app lacks a 3:2 aspect ratio, which Moser discovered was being developed by Apple. He thinks it’ll be in a future iPhone update.

Remember that this is a beta version. There’s no word yet on when or if any of them will be released. Except for the fact that iPads will no longer be able to connect to their home hubs, this looks to be a given. You can download the iOS 16 beta for iPhones and iPads from Apple’s developer website and give it a whirl to see whether you like it (opens in new tab). If you are not an app developer, we do not suggest this method. These early betas are prone to errors and are not meant to be used on a device that you rely on for everything from work to leisure. Good news: Public betas are probably only a matter of weeks away.