Secret Invasion: Bringing Back Another Familiar Face

According to Deadline, Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill will appear in Disney Plus’s one of Marvel Studios’ many upcoming TV shows, adding another known MCU face to the cast. nAccording to Deadline, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill will reunite for the series, which will be among the many Marvel Phase 4 films of TV shows.

If the report is accurate, this will be Smulders’ first appearance in an MCU live-action film or TV series since Spider-Man: Far From Home in 2019. However, earlier this year, Smulders lent her voice to Marvel’s What If…? animated series for season 1.

When asked about the possibilities by Deadline, Marvel Studios declined to offer an opinion. Given Fury and Hill’s long-standing collaboration throughout the MCU since 2012’s Avengers, it’s probable that she’ll appear in some way in Secret Invasion.

If she has in fact committed to Secret Invasion, Jan Smulder will join George Takei (Sulu), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) and Ben Mendelsohn (Talos) – the latter of whom will be reprising his role as Skrulls’ Earth-based leader Talos – in the film. Other well-known cast members include Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Olivia Colman (Broadchurch, The Favorite), Kingsley Ben-Adir (One Night in Miami) and Killian Scott (Ripper Street).

The Chitauri’s ultimate goal was to conquer Earth and harness its inhabitants’ superhuman powers. Fury, Talos, and the others would learn that other shape-shifting Skrulls have been infiltrating Earth for years, with no doubt an enemy plan focused on this knowledge. The Secret Invasion is anticipated to premiere on Disney Plus in 2022.

Do you think Cobie Smulders will be playing a Skrull in Captain Marvel?

The Secret Invasion isn’t expected to be the most anticipated Marvel Phase 4 film, but it has the potential to be one of the studio’s most perplexing projects in some time.

The Skrulls are shape-shifters and can mimic the appearance of any human from Earth or throughout the cosmos, as the MCU isn’t exclusively confined to our world.

This raises an intriguing question for Secret Invasion’s producers and stars. If a Skrull can impersonate anybody, one, two, or even more of the show’s all-star cast may be a Skrull posing as a human.

One of the women who may be a Skrull is Maria Hill. Given that the Skrulls have been on Earth for some time before the events of Secret Invasion, any Marvel Cinematic Universe character that we’ve met so far might be a Skrull. Smulders’ Hill is no exception. Wouldn’t it be an interesting turn of events if Hill was in fact a Skrull, despite having worked alongside Fury the entire time?

It’s hard to believe that any Skrull can achieve such an impossible task. After all, another Skrull – Soren, Talos’ wife – posed as Hill during Spider-Man: Far From Home. It’s unclear if a Skrull can imitate a human and then have their ‘human form’ mimicked by another Skruill; we’re guessing it’s not possible, which means that Hill must be a human for a Skrull to mimic her appearance.

Of course, we may be completely wrong. But, if we have to put our neck on the line right now, we’d say that Smulders won’t be playing a Skrull in Secret Invasion. She should simply play Hill and no one else.

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