Top 10 Best Sebo Automatic Vacuums 2021

1. Sebo 5143 Exhaust Filter for Automatic X Series Vacuum

  • Traps high-quality carbon mud from the motor brushes
  • Exhaust filter for computerized x collection
  • Reduces the mud emissions of those uprights even additional

2. Sebo 5040sb Vacuum Hose for Automatic X/XP and Professional G

  • Appropriate for all sebo computerized x/xp skilled g fashions
  • Alternative hose
  • Silver

3. SEBO Vacuum Cleaner GRAY Triangle Brush Head 1387DG by Sebo

  • Horsehair dusting brush with out clip to be used with sebo x4, x5, 370, ok, g and c collection vacuums

4. SEBO Vacuum Filter Bag Box for X Series, 8-Pack

  • Holds nearly all dust captured by the vacuum
  • May be modified in just some seconds
  • Can be utilized with the sebo computerized x collection
  • Improves the effectiveness and helpful lifetime of the microfilters
  • Permits unimpeded airflow as they fill to capability

5. Sebo 6608ER Micro Hygiene Filter for All Automatic K Models

  • For sebo airbelt ok fashions
  • Micro-hygiene filter for retrofitting
  • Stage three of top quality sebo filtration

6. Sebo 5290ER Round Brush for Automatic X2/XP2/X5

  • 14.57 (37 cm) inch working width
  • Alternative brush for sebo computerized x5 / x2 / xp2
  • 2–piece

7. SEBO X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 Extra Pet XP2 XP3 5093ER Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags

  • X/c/370 upright vacuum cleaner luggage
  • Filterbox luggage, real sebo luggage, eight filter luggage in pack,

8. Sebo X/C/370 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags Part 5093AM

  • Contains filter bag field (eight luggage)
  • Contains microfilter for x collection
  • Can be utilized with the sebo computerized x collection
  • Contains exhaust filter for x-series
  • Contains sealing strip for x4 or x5

9. SEBO 5828ER Service Box with Sealing Strip for X Series Vacuum with 8 Filter Bags, Exhaust Filter, Electrostatic Microfilter and Sealing Strip

  • Stage 1 – 3 the high-quality sebo s-class filtration
  • Nation of origin : germany
  • Service field for all fashions sebo computerized x7/eight
  • Contents: 8 extremely bag filter luggage, 1 micro hygiene filter, 1 micro exhaust filter