Searching for Businesses on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is testing out a new feature that allows users to look for businesses from within the app. It’s a first for WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook. In order to boost e-commerce revenues, Facebook has introduced it as part of an evolving plan.

The new search feature is currently under evaluation in Brazil and aims to provide WhatsApp users with quick and easy access to businesses and services via a directory embedded within the software.

Businesses will undoubtedly embrace the new concept since it will allow them to be more visible, right from inside WhatsApp. WhatsApp has never run advertisements on its platform, unlike Facebook or Instagram.

Until now, companies have been forced to disclose their WhatsApp number in different locations, such as promotional packaging or online stores.

Online business activities

WhatsApp has also grown and introduced more tools to help businesses sell their products and services through the immensely popular social media platform in recent years.

A specialized app for small firms, as well as an API that allows bigger enterprises to customize WhatsApp integration into their own business systems, have recently been released. Adding all of the elements together might assist companies to boost sales and make money for Facebook.

It comes as no surprise to see Facebook continuing to develop its online selling tools, with demand for e-commerce retail proving to be stronger than ever. With, for example, Facebook Shops being extended into more countries recently, in-app purchasing possibilities have expanded across the social media platform’s apps.

WhatsApp now offers shopping capabilities including product catalogs and shopping cart choices that may be used by companies.

The company’s new tests will now extend to the entire country, with several neighborhoods validating the company’s potential in a variety of industries, including food, retail and local services.

India and Indonesia are tentatively scheduled to be the next countries on the list where WhatsApp will continue testing the feature; however, it was criticized for creating confusion over privacy updates in the past.