Samsung Might Hold the Keys to an OLED MacBook

In five years, Apple may be able to offer a feature that no other laptop has: an OLED display.

According to TheElec, the company had intended to release an OLED MacBook in 2025, but this plan has been delayed owing to supply issues and pricing disputes over the OLED MacBook panel.

In 2021, a rumour emerged that Apple had teamed up with Samsung to create an OLED MacBook Pro.

However, this might indicate that OLED displays will initially appear on MacBook Pro devices before coming to standard MacBooks in the future.

According to the same source, Apple is currently in talks with LG about potentially integrating its OLED displays into MacBooks as well.

This isn’t really a surprise because both LG and Samsung already supply OLED panel technology to iPhone and Apple Watch mobile phones, therefore both being involved makes sense.

At the moment, Samsung and LG are arguably producing the most beautiful OLED displays on the planet.

The large and vibrant screen of the LG CX smart TV, which we’ve seen with previous models, is ideal for both entertainment and gaming.

Given that iPhones and Galaxy smartphones have a history of co-existence despite similar circumstances, I’m not sure if Samsung can truly compete with Apple in this area.

Is it possible that an OLED MacBook could be a delayed response to the iPhone X?

We can’t argue with the allure of an OLED MacBook: thanks to a higher degree of contrast and their capacity to generate genuine, inky blacks, the panels allow for vividly colored displays.

An OLED screen’s spectrum of hues is much broader than that of a regular LCD display. If reports about Samsung creating an OLED MacBook Pro are true, we’ll be able to see what an OLED MacBook would look like in 2022.

We’re concerned, though, that Apple may be coming in a bit too late to the OLED party. Many businesses are betting on OLED as the current gold standard for displays.

Other laptop makers, such as Dell, are getting in on the action already, with the Dell XPS 15 OLED available for purchase. That’s well before Apple is set to release its OLED MacBook Pro next year, if it does at all.

Apple excels at releasing new technology later than competitors, but we should see enhancements in OLED displays over the next several years, especially as more 8K displays and extra functionalities like Dolby Vision and HDR10+ emerge.