Replacement components for Steam Deck have been discovered, and the prices are rather reasonable

As it turns out, iFixit sent these retail listings live too early, and they’ve already been pulled — however it’s safe to assume that the appropriate parts and accessories will be available again soon.

To recap, iFixit and Valve struck a contract to provide Valve’s Steam Deck replacement components, and as the business tweeted to explain, it accidentally published these product pages with price information.

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Many of the costs for different components were exposed, and assuming they are accurate and not placeholders (on pages that seem to be “test” according to an iFixit rep on Reddit), they are rather affordable.

The most expensive anti-glare screen costs $100 or £90, while the least expensive screen is $65 or £60, and a new fan costs $25 or £20.

A new motherboard, on the other hand, will set you back $350 (or £290 in the UK), which is a significant sum. This isn’t much more expensive than purchasing a new Steam Deck, which costs $399 or £349 for the basic model.

There were some orders placed prior to the removal of the listings, and iFixit has said that they would respect them.

Since there have been complaints about certain too loud versions with a high-pitched whine, a lot of individuals purchased new fans—and in fact, the listings for the fans sold out before they were ever taken down, according to accounts online. Valves are working on fixing this issue, or at least they’re attempting to fix it via beta software updates).

Several people have speculated that they may be able to purchase all of the pieces necessary to build their own Steam Deck, but even if this is technically conceivable (which we do not know), it will almost certainly be costly.

As a more realistic scenario, there may be Deck owners who are looking to not just fix a broken thumbstick or a malfunctioning fan, but also upgrade a lower-end Steam Deck to a higher-end one with a better screen. Anyone with the technical know-how to open up their gadget and swap out the screen will be encouraged to check the new screen’s pricing.