Range Rover to Be First All-Electric Range Rover

In 2024, Land Rover will bring its premium SUV, the Range Rover, to market with a fully electric engine.

The introduction of the new Range Rover, which has a slew of technological features and an improved plug-in hybrid with a longer electric range, was accompanied by the revelation that it will be available with an all-electric drivetrain in the future.

The all-electric Range Rover will be the first Land Rover to offer no combustion engine and will represent the start of a six-year plan for six additional entirely electrical vehicles.

While we haven’t seen a Land Rover EV yet, it’s part of the Jaguar Land Rover company, and the highly praised, fully electric I-Pace has been on sale for more than three years – so there’s plenty of EV expertise and know-how in the building.

The first entirely electric Range Rover has not been announced by Land Rover, but it did reveal the extensive range of technologies it will bring to its 2022 model.

The NissanConnect multimedia system’s voice function is also integrated with Alexa, allowing you to get news and weather, change vehicle features like the navigation and radio, and operate your house (such as lights and garage door) using only your voice.

The all-new Range Rover is also the first on the market to include wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, eliminating the need to search for a cable to connect your smartphone. Simply get in and it will connect automatically.

There’s also a wireless phone charging pad in the console for you to charge your phone while driving.

The biggest screens ever have been found.

You’ll get two massive screens – the biggest Land Rover has ever had – with a 13.1-inch, curved infotainment display with haptic feedback and a 13.7-inch driver display in the center.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can choose between two 11.4-inch rear-seat entertainment displays, both of which may be controlled individually.

There are HDMI inputs for the displays, but if you connect them to a Wi-Fi hotspot, rear-seat passengers will be able to use and view smart TV applications on the move.

Furthermore, an 8-inch touch screen may be added to the armrest between the back seats (when Executive Rear Seats are chosen) so that seat functions like heating and massage can be controlled.

The Vogue Air system from Land Rover is capable of “significantly lowering odors, germs, and allergens such as SARS-CoV-2 virus” according to the manufacturer.

Increasing the PHEV range by 50%

The Range Rover has been offered as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for several years, with a fully electric driving range of up to 25 miles, but the new Range Rover will significantly expand this number.

According to Land Rover, the new extended range PHEV models – the P440e and P510e – will have a 38.2kW battery and provide up to 62 miles / 100 kilometers of all-electric motoring from that power source.

While the Range Rover Velar will be able to go up to 400 miles on a single charge, and figures for its range have not been released, the P510e’s real-world driving range is expected to be approximately 50 miles / 80 kilometers.

The pricing for the PHEV Range Rover models has yet to be determined, but with a starting price of £94,400 (around $129,000 / AU$170,000) for the new Range Rover, they will not be inexpensive.

If you’re interested in the new Range Rover’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain, you’ll have to wait until early 2022 before placing an order.