Printer Ink Cartridges Are Being Affected By The Global Chip Shortage

Did you notice that your printer ink cartridges include embedded chips? These cartridges are utilised for more than just holding ink for your printer; the chips inside them are used for authentication, ensuring that they are legitimate components, as well as assisting the printer in determining how much ink is remaining.

Sadly, it looks that the recent global chip scarcity has now spread to printer ink cartridges as well. According to a statement on Canon Australia’s website, the business will now manufacture chip-less toner cartridges due to the scarcity.

“To ensure our clients don’t miss a print, Canon has innovated around the chip scarcity to ensure that we can still provide toner cartridges,” according to Canon’s announcement. Canon has begun producing chipless toner cartridges. While there will be some unavoidable, minor adjustments to our customers’ experience, you will be able to print as usual.”

According to Canon, this is merely a temporary solution until chip manufacture can resume. However, in the interim, Canon has issued a guide on its website that explains customers how to work around the problem messages that consumers would face when trying to use these chip-less cartridges.