Plug Your Entire Life Into A Second Windows Display

A new update from Astropad may be about to solve most of your problems if you’ve been juggling a lot of devices in your office or remote working setup.

The firm has updated its Luna Display wireless dongles to include Windows PC support, allowing you to effectively use an iPad or even a Mac computer as an external monitor.

The Logitech Luna Display has now expanded to include more users, allowing you to expand your view using iPads or Macs without the need for additional cables.

Between Windows and Mac

The latest version of the AstroLuna Display software, 5.0, is now available for download from the App Store.

The program needs a 64-bit Windows 10 installation with build 1809 or later and at least iPadOS 12.1, as well as an 802.11n or wired ethernet connection.

The Luna Display 5.0 software upgrade is only compatible with the USB-C version of the device, which is also the only one that works with both Mac and PC.

Using your device on a PC or Mac after upgrading to Luna Display 5.0 is possible because all current USB-C users may upgrade to use it with their PCs or Macs.

The upgrade enables the Apple Pencil to operate with your Windows device, which is useful in fields such as graphic design, art and design, and architecture. The Luna Display 5.0 is now available for $129.99 for all variants.

The debut comes as more and more workers embrace hybrid working, which mixes work from the office with work at home. According to a recent study by Hitachi Capital, many IT professionals would be prepared to take a pay cut to stay in a remote working environment permanently.