Plex finally upgrades its desktop media player client after years of delay

The death of the Plex Media Player has been on the minds of mediaphiles for years. Plex’s Home Theater PC software was published in August of 2019, around the same time that plans were initially disclosed. PMP’s demise has been delayed for three years due to public outcry. Plex has recently announced that PMP will be discontinued. The HTPC will live on.

The lack of a TV-style interface was cited as the primary grievance of PMP’s detractors, although there were also complaints regarding legacy compatibility, button mapping, and other difficulties.

After trying to replace both the PMP and the HTPC with a new software, Plex returned to HTPC and added a slew of high-demand features and proclaimed it the new ruler (same as the old “new” boss).

For those who want to use their computers as part of a home theatre system, HTPC provides audio passthrough, configurable refresh rate and controller support as well as input map settings.

Snapcraft offers a Linux version of the Plex HTPC programme, which can be downloaded for free. Linux compatibility has also been added to the Plex Desktop software.