Google removed the dual front-firing speakers for last year’s Pixel 4 phones, and the company’s newest Pixel 5 flagship has bezels so thin that they won’t be returning anytime soon. While on-device audio enthusiasts may be bummed, it looks like Google is working on a feature that promises to enhance the speaker quality of Pixel devices with typical Google-y ingenuity.

The upcoming feature, called Adaptive Sound, would be similar to the setting of the same name on the Pixel Buds in that it uses the microphone to monitor surrounding environmental sound and make adjustments. However, instead of just upping the volume, Adaptive Sound on Pixels would aim to improve “speaker sound quality by adapting audio to your environment.”

The feature page notes that it won’t be as effective at high volumes.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user also spotted the fact that this feature seems to have been billed on the Pixel 5’s Amazon listing when it first launched, although the message advertising how the Pixel 5 speakers let you hear music “as the artist intended” has since been removed.

Even though Adaptive Sound wasn’t ready back in October, it seems like Google is getting closer to prepping it for a public unveiling — perhaps in the first Pixel feature drop of 2021 if we’re lucky.