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PCalc’s best-kept macOS and iOS Easter egg now has its own app

You may have been using PCalc, a popular calculator tool, for years without understanding that it had a hidden game. It’s now available as its own app, which you can get for free from the App Store for iOS and macOS.

You can alter the app’s logo by flicking it around, adjusting the gravity, tossing bananas at it, and even driving a vehicle, according to creator James Thomson’s About by PCalc.

If that wasn’t enough, you can now use a keyboard or controller to control everything… because why not?

‘About’ windows in applications often include the app’s development team, along with links to their social media accounts and even a tip jar to thank them for their work. However, pressing a certain command in PCalc’s about section brings up a delightful hidden game, which has since been separated into its own app.

I’ve been using PCalc on iOS for a long time. It’s an app that tries to keep up with the new features that Apple announces at its developer conference, WWDC, every year.

The addition of customisable widgets in iOS 14 was very handy, as it elevated the app beyond Apple’s own calculator app. PCalc’s Easter egg, on the other hand, was the major reason it remained on my iPhone’s main home screen.

The About app serves no value; it’s more of a fidget app in my opinion. Something to do when riding on the train or when the internet is down.

However, if I use too many of the flame, light, and cereal effects on my iPhone 13 Pro, it becomes quite hot, so be careful if you give your smartphone to children who will most likely want to click every button repeatedly. However, when I used About on macOS with the M1 Pro processor in my MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021), there was scarcely any lag, and the fans remained off.

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On the macOS version, driving a vehicle to a secret castle with my 8BitDo Pro 2 controller was similarly a weird experience.

Essentially, it’s a nonsensical programme whose only objective is to provide an entertaining diversion from any scenario you may be in. Some applications don’t need a purpose to remain on your home screen; all they need is to be entertaining, which this app does in spades.