P2E gaming platform GuildOS has received $13 million in funding from Salad Ventures

To far, Salad Ventures has funded a total of $13.5 million via a private placement. A portion of the money raised will be used to develop Salad’s GuildOS operating system, which will allow players to receive rewards for their participation in a guild.

Alameda Research, C2 Ventures, Foundation Capital, Gemini Frontier Fund, Winklevoss Capital, and Polygon Studios are a few of the investors that took part in this round of funding. Over the course of two investment rounds, Salad has received $15.5 million.

Salad hopes to deploy GuildOS in the first half of 2022 with the cash. “A safe, web-based platform that lets anybody create, run and expand a play-to-earn guild in any blockchain game,” is how the OS is described there. The Salad Ventures co-founder, Felix Sim, explains that the goal is to make guild administration easier and more lucrative.

During an interview, Sim said that his team is also devoted to teaching. People will be lured in by the promise of easy money and the resulting decline in the profitability of the GameFi market. This will lead to a mass exodus.” To help guilds run smoothly, I think we should also create a platform for academics to learn about blockchain games and improve their skills in them.

GameFi (or play-to-earn) education platform Salad Academy was established by the corporation in December of last year. Free lectures on blockchain topics are available on the website. According to Salad, more than 6,000 students have enrolled in classes since their introduction.